where the f*ck were you?

a collection of where i've been,
where i am & where i'm going...
in/out of my mind.

IG: @johnnybbadd TW: @JohnYeWest

My Brother and Me

Great Times in NY w/ @lifeascrystal @ItGrlLisaSimone @kjohn_lasoul @javondrake, et al.

In the bathroom straight flexin’

Afterparty Chillin’

No Shave November is Almost Over!

a little Marc by Marc on Thanksgiving! #credits #fallWinter #colorblock

this has been my face all day. why do Holidays make people stupid?

The Rise of FALL.

Fall is Fucking Fetch!

You can stand under my umbrella… Eh. Eh.

I try… But why?

I did not sign up for this. #theMorningAfter #Product(RED) #Sangrita #DC #done #hangover (Taken with Instagram)

Lace Up Your Fav Chucks and Be There!!!

Can’t Take Me Anywhere… Yours Truly, Getting It In at The Wallace Wedding!

Daily Bus Stop Photo Shoot. Still an #angryblackman yet an #individual cc: @iamreggieblack (Taken with Instagram)

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