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Kanye West covers GQ shot by Patrick Demarchelier

"If they don’t hate, then it won’t be right!"

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at the 2014 Met Costume Gala in Lanvin.

Pusha T feat. Rick Ross - “Hold On”

Pusha T - “Pain” feat. Future

Pusha T - “Nosetalgia” feat. Kendrick Lamar

Big Sean - “Beware”  ft. Lil Wayne, Jhene Aiko

John Legend - “Made to Love”

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"MERCY" & "CLIQUE" Slippers by Modern Vice

Forward Thought on Yeezus / Holy Grail

  • @JohnYeWest: Magna Carta Holy Grail?
  • @iamreggieblack: Going to be epic. However it's a bite off Ye's strategy with no single, a team of super producers Thought he slightly took Ye shine but whatever And it will remain urban wont cross barriers in music like Yeezus
  • @JohnYeWest: There's been a lot of talk of Kanye keeping Jay relevant.
  • @iamreggieblack: Jay was dead until he fully adopted Ye His beats were dry and old His style Everything He die after blueprint 2 and Ye saved him After that I've said that from the beginning of this huge family they have And jay may never admit but it's true And he's smart enough to know it
  • @JohnYeWest: So, does this put Ye a step above him?
  • @iamreggieblack: Levels above. I've also stood by that decision for a long time as well He crushes the business world but creatively. No chance
  • @JohnYeWest: but folks are never gonna give him the credit for it, b/c he comes off as arrogant w/ it?!
  • @iamreggieblack: Exactly. He's not as charismatic as Jay, not a public figure, not for sale, not friends with the president and doesn't have a perfect life or marriage....
  • @JohnYeWest: So it's not as relate able to the masses?
  • @iamreggieblack: Exactly. No one wants to cheerlead for a dickhead. So they root against him Not giving him credit for his influence in music He didn't conform to rap. He changed it
  • @JohnYeWest: I was trying to explain that to someone yesterday... Most wont or don't wanna see it Whether you like Ye or not you can't deny that he put change in the air for hip-hop... or music period.
  • @iamreggieblack: He knows that, that's why he doesn't care anymore
  • @JohnYeWest: Every time he drops an album niggas play follow the leader!
  • @iamreggieblack: He will never be the likable celebrity... Well the masses
  • @JohnYeWest: He's likable to those who can relate. It ain't for everybody. Forward thinkers get it!
  • @iamreggieblack: Artist are forming super producer teams and drop no single projects and step up their marketing because of him from now on
  • @JohnYeWest: Starting w/ Jay
  • @iamreggieblack: My point
  • @JohnYeWest: And it's not like they had the same idea. You know Ye shared that shit w/ him.
  • @iamreggieblack: Just got money and a company behind it
  • @JohnYeWest: Then, you have Rick on the project as well.
  • @iamreggieblack: Hmmmm... So yes. Ye is better. Jay is a brand. A business.
  • @JohnYeWest: Ye keeps the artistry to it
  • @iamreggieblack: Always have Always will
  • @JohnYeWest: I hope so...
  • @iamreggieblack: Want to publicly discuss this soooo bad but its not worth it. No Ye. No Jay.

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